Nick and Mollie

Their shared story started in the depths of a woodland around the flames of an open fire.
A chance meeting brought Mollie and Nick side by side in their search for a path to weave their future with their hands and hearts planted firmly in earth.
Having spent an considerable amount of time living and learning skills to enable them to live comfortably in the wilds they both knew a conventional life style was not theirs to follow. Initial experiments with weaving tree barks sparked the beginning of a thread of creativity, which has entwined its way into their lives.

Nick already an accomplished artist when they met, also discovered a strong affinity with bow making during his time in the woods. He is currently being mentored by Master Bowyer, Paul Reed, through the Craft Guild of Traditional Bowyers and Fletchers to become a Master bowyer himself.

A few years later Mollie and Nick started their first business together, the Field Farm Project, an outdoor learning centre teaching bow making, basketry, bushcraft skills, horticulture and farm life. Under the canopy and around the glow of campfires Mollie and Nick have shared their skills over many years, passing on their knowledge to a flow of adults and children all keen to create closer relationships with our natural environment and the resources it provides us.

Art and weaving are rooted in our ancient past. Generations of knowledge, understanding, awareness and connections are being lost to the modern world with damaging impact. Nick and Mollie’s work aims to counteract that decline in some small way, bringing their personal bonds with earth materials into a modern foreground.
Through their art and weaves they invite you to take a step forward into a future of caring for our planet and gaining an understanding of what handcrafts mean to the totality of man.