Where ancient crafts meet modern design.
Both artists indulge their creativity when weaving plant fibres and tree barks. Employing the philosophies of age old mind sets of conservation, sustainability and minimal impact, the couple source and harvest their materials by hand, building up a mental map of resources and possibilities whilst moving through their landscape.

Their approach is one of respectful exploration of flora in all its forms, on the continuous search for precious weaving materials to harvest; from bark to roots, leaves and stems to individual fibres painstakingly extracted from the plant.

Nick is a meticulous planner of patterns and form, dedicating many hours to repetitive preparation of materials. His work is informed by techniques from around the world in particular having a deep appreciation of the work of Native American weavers. He draws inspiration from natural forms, scientific research and imagery, geometric variations, mathematical patterns and whimsical exploration.

Mollie delights in the flow of the journey of each plant material. Starting with the initial thought of possibility and following that through with careful harvesting and storing of the plant. Throughout this process the sensory connection to the materials is immersive; fragrance and texture are absorbed through the body and allows Mollie to work organically and intuitively. Tone and pattern are celebrated in her work, reflecting both the alphabet and the abundance of natural resources offered up by our planet.