Another new product

Original charcoal drawing

Charcoal, made from the tree, on paper

120cm x 60cm

Mounted and framed.

By Nick McMillen


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This tree is part of a field hedge. Its story is one of confinement and changing agricultural practises. Mollie first spotted it one winter when its blanket of leaves had fallen revealing its structure. Confined to a long narrow hedge, it has grown within this space to create a striking form.

Through its growth it is possible to see how, over the decades, changes in hedgerow management have enabled this tree to grow just a little higher each time and along with the rest of the hedge provide more habitat for birds, mammals and invertebrate. Nick will admit to stalking this tree and would find himself taking de-tours on his way home to go and look at it. In awe of its ability to shrug off attempts to shackle its growth it has become a significant tree to him.

Near Privet, Hampshire, UK.