Sequoia tree cone

Sequoiadendron giganteum

Original charcoal drawing

Compressed charcoal on paper.

30cm x 41cm

By Nick McMillen

Mounted and framed


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This specimen was found beneath its parent tree on a nearby estate. The tree is one of several immense sequoias planted by the victorians as part of an arboretum. Although they dont match the gigantic size of their US cousins, they are still impressive to be around.

As a result of growing their cones like this, the trees amass a huge number at any one time. For example a sequoia in the US has been estimated to have around 11,000 cones distributed amongst its canopy. They are truly stunning trees.

The cones are quite unique in that they can stay attached to the tree for several years, produce chlorophyll and remain in a photosynthetic state growing year on year. They usually turn brown and release their seeds at around 8-12 years, although one cone has been found to be 22 years old!

Found near Rogate, West Sussex, UK.